Tiana was WONDERFUL!

Brian Allen

I cannot express how very much I recommend her. My husband and I were buying and a set price range and preferences for which we were looking. Although we were in a personally demanding situation and needing relief from our current familial struggles, she never took advantage of that knowledge by pressuring us to go above that set range or to lower our preferences. She just kept helping us look and scour the market. The place we finally settled upon was a foreclosed property with unresolved issues. She stuck with us throughout the very lengthy process and negotiated very well on our behalf with appraisers, lawyers, etc. She made a stressful situation so much more bearable and encouraging. In the end, we got what we wanted. In the scheme of things, she got very little compensation for all the hard work she did for us, but she remained so very friendly and professional. YOU would not regret choosing her for your real estate professional. I promise!